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Senator Cruz Profiles —You

Of all  the Politicians in DC, I thought CRUZ was on our side…But once again Politics have failed us.  In Cruz’s lust for the Presidency he and his campaign have decided that we are but rats in a lab and he has gone high tech in his quest for voters.  And it started in IOWA.


Cruz has your number.  Your telephone number that is.  And he scours your phone for additional contacts to increase his rat population.  But it goes MUCH deeper than that…


His team of psychologists, using psychographic targeting, have built a personality test that categorize voters who then receive specially tailored messages.  So when you hear from Cruz or one of his campaigners, your getting a message that YOU want to hear, not a message that is heartfelt by Cruz.  He knows if you are pro-gun, anti-refugee, traditional and so forth.  For instance, if his test determines that you are a traditionalist you might receive a message that promotes hunting as a family activity and his message may have an image of  a father taking his son duck hunting.  It doesn’t get any more FAKE than that.


But it does get worse.  Cruz hired Cambridge Analytica partially owned by a hedge fund executive Robert Mercer who just so happens to have contributed $11 MILLION to one of Cruz’s SUPERR PACS.  So that’s one of the people he will beholding to do favors for if he wins.


All of this tells us what type of President that Cruz would be.  Do you really want our government to be more intrusive than it already is?  Do we want someone running our government who looks at its people as if they were just lab rats?  And we thought Obama was scary.


All of this and more can be found in a Washington Post article in its political section at Washington Post




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GOP Establishment – Take note

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.50.52 AMReince.png

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Vote for trump


Thank you Mr. Greenwood

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Thanks to “Strengthen the USA”

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Values Voter Summit 9/25/15

I was able to watch the 1st 3 hours or so of the Values Voter Summit this morning.  They had some of the Republican Candidates speak.  Here are a few of my observations of some of those speeches.

Marcus Rubio – His was just another political speech which is what he was there for.  However, he actually read his speech, line by line, from a stack of papers which he said he was so happy to have been able to retrieve from his email.  He even had to read the part of his speech that was about his own family.  Perhaps it wasn’t his speech after all, but  just a speech someone had written for him.  He appeared to be a polished politician who reads very well.

Rick Santorum – I was wondering what he has been doing for the last 4 years.  Apparently he’s just been waiting for the next Presidential election.  And now he is back to his Life Long Job of running for President.  His speech — not much more than he said 4 years ago.

Ted Cruz – He did well.  No READING for him.  He is one of the few politicians that really seems to be trying to get it right.  But he is still a politician.

Carly Fiorina – She was scheduled but became a NO SHOW.  Perhaps she realized that this summit was not the place to spew her anger.  Or maybe there were some EX HP employees that she couldn’t face.  I didn’t miss her.

John McCain was there.  He said he hopes the Iran Deal turns out to be a success.  Maybe we could have Rubio read the Iran Deal to McCain.

And then there was Trump.  Actually I felt that this was one of his best appearances.  Slightly more mild mannered with his Bible in hand, his speech was more informative in regards to his plan to “Make America Great Again”.  But then I’m a Trumpster and he had me when he walked out on stage.

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